*Blade: Sweden Special alloy steel (corrosion-resistant steel)
*Handle: desert iron wood, These are premium models manufactured by featuring the desert iron wood handle handcrafted by Mr. Keido Sugihara
*Accessoy: Scheide (Saya)

Mr. ItsuoDoi was born in 1948 and at 24 years of age, he became the apprentice of Mr. Keijiro Doi, his father. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Mr. Doi was trained in the secrets of his family’s craft, continuously producing excellent knives as a knife smith in the Sakai tradition.

Each knife is made using different techniques, and passes through the hands of various craftsmen such as knife smiths and polishers. In addition to traditional techniques, the passion and training of the craftsmen are embedded into each piece, and each one continues to receive high marks as a superior knife.