My goal is to eat at all the 2017 Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints within a year. I feel like it is a rite of passage for true Texas barbecue fans. I am going to post a wrap up of all 50 and at each of the places that I have not written about before. I am already a dozen stops into the list so far. On this day, I had already gone to City Market (Luling). Gonzales is not too far from there so I made another stop at Baker Boys BBQ. I had been to Baker Boys before while researching for the list on behalf of Texas Monthly. I arrived around 3 PM that afternoon but remembered it being a good experience.

For the places I have not been to/written about, I am trying to order a decent chunk of the menu. I am getting annoyed at some of the pictures on social media where people are barely spending five bucks at some of these places. It is all about the sticker to some (Yeti is giving out prizes if you get certain stickers). I feel like you should order more and get the full experience at each place. I will get off my soap box now.

We ordered a little bit of brisket, pork ribs, sausage, chicken, turkey, pork loin, and stuffed chicken leg with a banana pudding. Most of the meats are cooked on vault smokers with oak lump charcoal. Everything had a good flavor. The brisket took a little effort to chew through. The pork ribs were nice and tender. The homemade pork and beef sausage surprised me. It had a good texture and taste to it. The turkey and chicken were juicy, but I prefer the skin of the chicken to be crispier. The highlights of the meal for me were the pork loin and stuffed chicken leg. The moist and flavorful pork loin ate very well. I loved the amount of smoke and seasoning on it. Phil and Wayne Baker (father and son) participated in competition barbecue before opening Baker Boys. The idea of the stuffed chicken came from that. They wrap the leg with the skin on around jalapeño and onion. They smoke it and then crisp up the skin on direct heat. It makes for one delicious bite. The homemade banana pudding rounded out the meal nicely.

Gonzales is only 14 miles south of I-10. Make a detour to Baker Boys BBQ if you are in the area. You will find a Top 50 worthy lineup. Do not skimp here. Go ahead and order a few of the meats. Your stomach and taste buds will thank you. With the menu prices that low, you might as well. Grade: N/A

Until next time, happy smoking…

Address: 1404 Sarah DeWitt Dr, Gonzales, TX 78629
Source: TheSmokingHo