Amber and I headed to DFW for the Cleveland Indians game. Our first stop was lunch at Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth with one of Amber’s friends. Afterwards, the plan was to check out the new Heim Barbecue location. Amber’s car had something else in mind. Her car battery was completely dead. We had to go buy tools and get the battery swapped out at Costco. We somehow did all of this in a reasonable period. We had just enough time to go to Heim, check in at our hotel, and make it to the game before the first pitch. Here are some images of the new spot:

Bacon burnt ends in the shade. So good that I had to post two shots of it.

3 Oylers in a cool smokehouse

Patio and where the line begins

We were not hungry, but I had to get some bacon burnt ends and banana pudding. I love the bacon burnt ends. I wish these were more accessible to me in Austin. They are rich, meaty, and sweet. I could easily eat a pound of them in one seating. Last time I went to Heim, I forgot to order the banana pudding. By the time I remembered, they were sold out. The homemade pudding was good, but it was not as thick as I like it to be.

Heim Barbecue’s new spot is really cool. There is a lot of room and a bar to relax and chill at. They do specials for dinner like wings and burgers. A second location is in the works right now. I wish owner Travis and Emma Heim all the success.

Until next time, happy smoking…

Address: 1109 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104
Phone: 817.882.6970
Source: TheSmokingHo